First published in The Cape Cod Times, December 30, 2014 As 2014 melts into 2015 let’s lift a toast to tech and sciences stories of the year. First up, a big end o’ year cheer to the international Rosetta mission and its November 12 landing of the unmanned probe Philae on a comet 310 million […]

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by Teresa A Martin HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT CROWDS? Me, I can get overwhelmed. Like the other week at OysterFest in Wellfleet … when this wildly popular October event turned the street into pedestrian gridlock  … and suddenly my imagination clicked into high gear and I felt like I was fleeing from the jaws of […]


To School, Virtually
Sept 30, 2012

by tmartin on September 30, 2012

SO, I’VE SPENT SEPTEMBER transitioning to high school. It was hard!  But for some reason the actual incoming freshman student zoomed through the month unfazed and seemingly untouched by it all. Maybe it’s only hard on us Moms. Over the summer, we started the high school experience in a whole new way: virtually. As in, literally […]


Through the Looking Glass
July 05 2012

by tmartin on July 4, 2012

THE NAUSET REGIONAL High School graduation ceremony in Eastham appeared to be pretty much the same traditional event it has been for years, reported multiple astute observers, until suddenly the diploma granting process stopped in mid-stride. A senior arose from his seat. There was a pause and then, with one mouse click, a digital bridge […]


The Case of the Missing Avatar
05 November 2008

by tmartin on November 5, 2008

THE BIG NEWS this week is the US election. But guess what, I’m not going to talk about it. Hold on for something completely different!!! That’s right, in today’s column we’re going to set aside US current events and go visit Japan. And the world of MapleStory, where the virtual world and the state known […]

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