IT’S A BIRD. IT’S A PLANE. IT’S THE KICKOFF trend story of 2014! That’s right – we’re talking drones here. Not drones as in mindless, emotionless beings or dull monotonous tones, nay, neither of those. We’re talking about the sexy drones, the ones that are sizzling hot and giving us the first juicy tech story […]


WHEN YOU TALK transformational technologies, it really comes down to a handful — health, communication, and transportation among them. Health? Well, we’ve seen a century of dramatic change, where things that sounded like wild dreams in 1950  – bionic ears (, mind-controlled wheel chairs (, cameras-in-a-pill that record the innards and send the data back wirelessly […]

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“Where’s the bus?” That should be an easy question to answer, thought Chris Dempsey, Director of Innovation at the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). Heh. Think again. Where’s the bus? The answer had eluded transit authorities since, well, probably since the first bus rolled away from the first bus stop. It was a simple, yet […]