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First published in The Cape Cod Times, December 30, 2014 As 2014 melts into 2015 let’s lift a toast to tech and sciences stories of the year. First up, a big end o’ year cheer to the international Rosetta mission and its November 12 landing of the unmanned probe Philae on a comet 310 million […]

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IT TURNS OUT THE WORLD DID NOT END on December 21 — although the 3-mile wide asteroid Toutais  ( did pass alarmingly close on December 12. Was this a case of Mayan numeric transposition coupled with sheer good luck for Earth …. or just a random coincidence? Hmm. You be the judge. But then again, […]


Here’s to the New Year! It’s time to give a nod to the departure of the leading 0 in ’09 and welcome in the 10s. And in that tradition, I bring you this year’s New Years Column, borrowing on that classic song that celebrates the time between Christmas Day and Epiphany in early January … […]

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