To School, Virtually
Sept 30, 2012

by tmartin on September 30, 2012

SO, I’VE SPENT SEPTEMBER transitioning to high school. It was hard!  But for some reason the actual incoming freshman student zoomed through the month unfazed and seemingly untouched by it all. Maybe it’s only hard on us Moms. Over the summer, we started the high school experience in a whole new way: virtually. As in, literally […]


July 6 – Peas!

by tmartin on July 6, 2011

July 6 brought peas in the shell. And romaine lettuce. And red cabbage. And more of those spring onions, still going strong into the summer. Plus more tender little sweet carrots. The heat threatens to send everything bolting and reminds us that the best planning still can’t control the wild card of weather. That’s the […]