Inner Selfie Obsessions
18 December 2014

by tmartin on January 15, 2015

First published in The Cape Cod Times, December 16, 2014 At the end of 2013 – just one short year ago — “selfie” emerged from the tangle of social media techie slang as Oxford Dictionaries’ spotlighted Word-of-the-Year. Selfie, selfie, selfie. We all know about these self-snapped moments! In the past year it seems everyone from […]


Ideas Worth Spreading
26 June 2013

by tmartin on June 26, 2013

SOMETIMES YOUR BRAIN just needs a good stretching. Well, consider me well-stretched for June! You see, I’ve just come from the fifth edition of TEDx Boston. Now, I have to confess that I always wanted to go to TED, but never had a chance to gain entry to the four-day west coast mothership. Lucky for […]


The Wow of Nano
3 August 2012

by tmartin on August 4, 2012

FREQUENT READERS KNOW I’m fascinated with scale. So today, get ready to stretch down to the teeniest tiniest particles because I’ve been reading about a whole slew of truly mind-bending feats. First, let’s visit Purdue University, where a few months ago physicists working with their colleagues at the University of Melbourne and the University of […]


TODAY HOLDS A SPECIAL star in my calendar. Today, in a few hours, technology gets to shine in a way that changes life, literally. Today is Activation Day. During the past month, I’ve been working on several fronts, including – finally! – updating my tired old website. The site wasn’t bad – it just didn’t […]

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I SPOTTED an interesting sounding article in the Boston Globe the other day, headlined “Ingenuity vs. Obesity.” ( ) As one of the many whose life represents a constant struggle between “this tastes great” and “these jeans don’t fit,” I couldn’t help but jump in and start reading. About three paragraphs in, I started to […]


When is a game more than game? When it’s the Wii! That’s right, Nintendo’s Wii game console is the platform that crossed the gap between gamers and world at large and, as I learned about this week, it has applications that go far beyond simple fun. The Wii is everywhere. At the end of 2009, […]