IT SEEMED A BIT LIKE AN APRIL FOOLS joke two years ago — but on April 4 2012 Google wasn’t kidding. It really planned a wearable interface with the world. ( Back in that time of ancient history, the original the concept video ( ) quickly spawned multiple spoofs, but laugh as we might the […]


HAPPY PRIVACY DAY! At least that’s what Google is shouting to the heavens and earth. Which is a little ironic when you stop to think just how much Google itself has done to erode our privacy. This is, after all, the one year anniversary of the Snowden leaks, when we collectively learned the extent of […]

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WAS CHANNEL ONE THE TOE IN THE WATER? The step down the slippery slope? The camel’s nose under the tent? Twenty-odd years ago, in the late 80s and early 90s, Whittle Communications created a product called Channel One. Channel One brought big televisions, VCRs, and other cutting edge goodies to schools. Then, as now, schools […]


Nesting, In Home Smart Home
31 Jan 2014

by tmartin on January 31, 2014

MY SMOKE DETECTOR MAKES ME CRY. This detector isn’t a depot-cheapo. The electrician who installed it charged, well, a real bill for it. I like the idea of fire safety. If only! On a regular basis, this creature screams about frying bacon, seared pork chops, and stir fried vegetables with a shrill and ceaseless tone. […]


IN OUR DIGITAL ALL-CONNECTED WORLD, no place remains a land far away and unknown. And now, with Google’s latest project, even the inner workings of far-flung countries lie at your very finger tips. I’m talking about Constitute (, in which the constitutions of every county gather before you, searchable, browsable, comparable. Actually, Google didn’t create […]


Alert Alerts
29 March 2013

by tmartin on March 29, 2013

I LIKE IT WHEN SOFTWARE goes to work for me. We spend so much of our time trying to make software tools bend to our will, learning to think like they do, knowing that we can make something happen if we can Just Find The Right Key! Which is why I love alerts so much. […]


How Big is Big, How Fast is Fast?
28 February 2013

by tmartin on February 28, 2013

EVERY DISCIPLINE HAS ITS OWN vocabulary. Medicine, cooking, automotive repair, computer science … you name it, and it has its own word world. But there’s one kind of vocabulary that stretches across disciplines, and where its extremes seem to reached in the applications of science and technology: the vocabulary of measurement. How much? How fast? […]


WHAT A START TO APRIL!  It could have been an April Fool’s prank. I mean, sci-fi type glasses tapping you into the data stream – imagine!  Except, of course, it was Google’s latest conversation starter, Google Glass. Google, in case you missed the news (, envisions a world where we walk around with a wearable digital […]


I DID SOMETHING LAST WEEK  that I haven’t done in years: I changed my browser home page. The last time I made the switch, it was from Alta Vista to Google. Anyone remember Alta Vista? It had the cleanest, most simple, and speediest search interface. Then, pressured by a need to generate revenue, it morphed into […]