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First published in The Cape Cod Times, December 30, 2014 As 2014 melts into 2015 let’s lift a toast to tech and sciences stories of the year. First up, a big end o’ year cheer to the international Rosetta mission and its November 12 landing of the unmanned probe Philae on a comet 310 million […]

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Coins of the Realm
23 April 2013

by tmartin on April 23, 2013

YOU HAVE. I WANT. LET’S TRADE! An awful lot of human exchanges boil down to that most basic of communication. We want what someone else has. In first grade lunch rooms, the request might come with a grab and scream, but by the time we’re grown up most of use have settled on the use […]


MY PHYSICAL WALLET bulges with stacks of loyalty cards, credit cards, membership cards, gift cards, coupons-I-might-use-someday, and receipts-I-should-remember-to-file. Every now and again, when the zipper threatens to separate from the leather, I dump it all out and sort through it. Why on earth do I haul this stuff around? A slender little book I read […]