Net Neutrality: The Musical!
21 May 2014

by tmartin on May 21, 2014

SO MANY WORDS, SO LITTLE TIME! That’s what the heated debate over net neutrality feels like, as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and its proposals bump heads with Internet proponents, entrepreneurs, and social activists, all mixing it up with Big Telecom and Gargantuan Cable. But I’m awfully glad we’re talking about it and that enough […]


Broadband … with Meaning
17 December 2013

by tmartin on December 17, 2013

JUST UNDER 30 YEAR AGO my grandmother asked for help. Handing me a bill from “the phone company,” she asked if I had any idea what it meant. There it sat in my hand, invoice spaghetti, the product of the 1984 AT&T break up that left normal people in unglamorous locations with the primary benefit […]

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How Big is Big, How Fast is Fast?
28 February 2013

by tmartin on February 28, 2013

EVERY DISCIPLINE HAS ITS OWN vocabulary. Medicine, cooking, automotive repair, computer science … you name it, and it has its own word world. But there’s one kind of vocabulary that stretches across disciplines, and where its extremes seem to reached in the applications of science and technology: the vocabulary of measurement. How much? How fast? […]


HERE’S A URL I want to share: (To navigate it well, use the menu options in the footer. By default the footer is turned off, so you’ll probably want to click on the “show footer” link at the lower right corner of page. The footer links are really pop-up menus to different ways of […]


THE FIRST week in January is traditionally a time to look back – hmm, let’s review top 10 trends of 2010? Or maybe a time to predict – top 11 trends of 2011, anyone? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the perfect time to make a grand gesture. I’m going with the third. I started thinking […]

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LAST WEEK, WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION hosted a gentleman named Terry Huval. Huval serves as Director of the Lafayette, LA, Utilities System. In the morning, before other scheduled activities, he graciously met with a group of people from around the Cape region. The topic? How Lafayette ended up in the broadband business. As it turns […]


INCENDIARY LANGUAGE FIRED BETWEEN COMBATANTS, clandestine meetings, highly-charged rhetoric … who knew that dry ole’ telecomm policy making could be so dramatic? Over the past few months, the normally bureaucratic Federal Communications Commission keeps taking a starring turn at the center of public debate and corporate wrangling in moments like these: The April federal appeals […]

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