Big Data

HAPPY PRIVACY DAY! At least that’s what Google is shouting to the heavens and earth. Which is a little ironic when you stop to think just how much Google itself has done to erode our privacy. This is, after all, the one year anniversary of the Snowden leaks, when we collectively learned the extent of […]

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NATE SILVER STUNNED THE POLITICAL pundits in 2008 when he used statistics to correctly call the presidential election outcome in 49 of the 50 states – as well as predicting winners in all 35 US Senate races. In short order, he was everywhere as an electoral and political analyst. The established players, with mouths gaping […]

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RIGHT AFTER AN ELECTION CYCLE AND all its attendant cynicism and mudslinging, I find myself needing something to counter all the muck. Nothing like a nice techy conference to clear the air, right? Last week’s Massachusetts Digital Summit provided blissful geek-speak – and reminded me how much good work actually happens in town hall and beyond. […]

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by Teresa A Martin HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT CROWDS? Me, I can get overwhelmed. Like the other week at OysterFest in Wellfleet … when this wildly popular October event turned the street into pedestrian gridlock  … and suddenly my imagination clicked into high gear and I felt like I was fleeing from the jaws of […]


I DID SOMETHING LAST WEEK  that I haven’t done in years: I changed my browser home page. The last time I made the switch, it was from Alta Vista to Google. Anyone remember Alta Vista? It had the cleanest, most simple, and speediest search interface. Then, pressured by a need to generate revenue, it morphed into […]