COOKIES! THIS WEEK’S COOKIE TOSS-UP gives a a big win to Oreo and a Dark Ages award to the Girl Scouts. In case you don’t follow advertising trends or perhaps fell into the minority who didn’t use social media throughout SuperBowl  XLVII, Oreo scored it big when it seized an opportunity to turn the game’s […]


Friends or Eyeballs?
25 January 2013

by tmartin on January 25, 2013

A FEW MONTHS AGO, I got an email that gave me pause. “Did you know Eggland is using you to promote itself on Facebook?” asked my correspondent. The Facebook story – so large it even spun off into a Hollywood movie – hardly needs retelling. Even the most marginally technical beings have heard about the […]

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WHEN THIS SPIFFY white 2000 Cherokee Classic rolled off the assembly line, it didn’t dream that broadband, mobile, and online technologies would figure in its future. But without them, well, we wouldn’t have known its story. It all starts with a car-enthusiast friend who has a fondness for classic Cherokees. For fun, Enthusiast reads car […]


AM TRYING REALLY HARD to keep an open mind here. Know that applications often provide unexpected and greater benefits than first appear on the surface. But still … I don’t get it!!! I just don’t get the attraction of “location based social applications.” I’m talking about the suite of products that includes Foursquare, Gowalla, and […]