June 07: Green Stuff

by tmartin on June 7, 2011

I just picked up my first harvest.

It is green. Lots of green.

I’m trying an experiment this  year. I’ve bought into a season of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) at a farm on the Brewster/Harwich line. Every week, starting this week, I pick up a box of produce. It comes out to about $20/week, pretty much what I’d spend on produce, except that I’m supporting a local business and will have very fresh veggies.

Not to mention some new veggies I’ve never seen before. Which brings me back to this week’s green green box.

Among the greens? Black seed simpson lettuce – I know what what to do with that! Ditto on the French Breakfast radishes and the spring onions. I’ve never eaten these particular red, long, mild radishes before, but I know how to handle them. And I do love spring onions.

The broccoli rabe  and the Bordeaux spinach form more of a mystery.  I’ve eaten and enjoyed this slightly bitter broccoli green before – stir-fried with olive oil and garlic, served as a side, on a civilized plate delivered to my table. Now I’ve got the raw product peeking out at me from my bag and it looks a bit … er … wild.

And the Bordeaux spinach is just beautiful. Deep maroons and greens and carved leaves. I think I should put it in a vase, although I’m told gently wilting with about a minute of heat will do the trick better.

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